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A point of contact for the Southern Region (SRS) Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) is Spatial Data Services (SDS), which is located in Knoxville Tennessee. FIA SDS was created to facilitate access to FIA data without compromising the security of the plot locations or land ownership privacy (Privacy Law-Farm Bill 2004). SDS connects geospatial data submitted by interested parties to the geospatial information collected by FIA. We return data to the customer that both meets their needs and follows the Confidentiality laws set out by Congress. FIA data is a valuable resource that we feel should remain accessible within the law.  One specific point, due to the laws mandates by Congress (FY2000 Consolidated Appropriations Bill (PL 106-113), Congress included language that modified the Food Security Act of 1985 (7 U.S.C. 2276(d)) to add FIA data collection of plot locations and ownership information, to a list of items requiring confidential treatment).

Forest Inventory and Analysis and SDS also provides a facility where a user may come to use FIA plot data (plot locations and ownership information), under appropriate security and generate derived products. Though requestors will not be able to leave with plot locations or ownership information, they will be able to leave with a product that won’t violate the confidentiality laws.   

Please read Charter information before making any data request. For more information about FIA Spatial Data Services around the country, please contact SDS representative within your region of interest. You can contact the SRS FIA/SDS representative by clicking here.



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